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MIA for No Good Reason

According to this app it’s been 24 days since I last posted. I plead mother-to-a-toddler. I’m really too tired to be doing this right now, but if I don’t do it now it could be weeks and weeks more… no telling!

Bug has finally made the transition to one mid-day nap. It was a crazy process, that involved a lot of feeling confused and exasperated. She goes down about 1pm and sleeps from 1.5-3 hours, depending on God-knows-what. 

Cricket is doing well! Growing and squirming and otherwise becoming more and more “cooked”. He seems a lot more easy-going in utero than his big sister was. I hope that means another chill kiddo!

I look super pregnant now. I feel it, too. At 22 weeks exactly I am still down from my pre-pregnancy weight by several pounds. My midwives are happy with this, and seem confident that I can get through the pregnancy without gaining an inordinate amount of weight. Their confidence inspires me! At each appointment I ask them to give me a weight goal for my next appointment. I’m trying hard to stay on track and not undo all of the hard work I did after Bug’s first birthday to get healthier. It gets harder as my appetite returns and I start craving sweet things!

We met our doula and I LOVE HER. She has already put my mind at ease over a few things. She has attended something like 600 births, so she knows what she’s doing. Hard to believe we are already more than halfway through this pregnancy! 

It’s raining now, quite hard. I’m lying in the dark tapping this out in my iPhone, when really I ought to be snoozing. Hope you are all well! I’ll try to be better about updating this thing! 

22 week belly!

22 week belly!

Belly and Bug

Belly and Bug



It’s a boy!


Tiny Babies, and I’m 18 Weeks Pregnant!

Today we headed to a friend’s house for a Fall brunch party. There were oodles of toddlers in assorted adorable Halloween costumes, plus a few cuties who showed up rocking their normal clothes (Bug was one of the latter). There was also a mom there with a 3 year-old and twin girls, just 3 months old. At one point someone handed one of these sweet twins to me, and I ended up holding her the rest of the time. I couldn’t help it! I was about to return her to her mama when she fell asleep on my chest.

Oh my. Those newborn days go so quickly, and it’s so easy to forget just how tiny and how precious they are at that stage! Especially when a certain toddler is rampaging around the house shouting “no!” or whining to be picked up or put down or whatever it is she wants now. Yes, they grow up and it happens fast, but for one brief moment they are tiny, helpless, and adorably squishy. I’m really looking forward to experiencing that one more time. 

In pregnancy news, I am 18 weeks with a definitely pregnant belly. The anatomy scan is on Monday and we can’t wait to find out whether Cricket is a boy or a girl! I am a little nervous about all the other stuff, too, and hoping we leave the appointment with only good news. I’ve been struggling with feeling really light-headed in the mornings, which my midwife attributes to low blood sugar. So now I’m under strict instructions to have a high protein snack at bedtime, a glass of juice before I get up in the morning, and to make sure I’m staying hydrated. The worst part is the snack at a time when I am not really hungry! But it does seem to help.

I leave you with a belly pic taken on Thursday and a picture of the world’s cutest Little Red Rudibg Hood! Oh, and in between I threw in a picture of Bug enjoying the Fall leaves. 😊


18 week belly!

18 week belly!

yay, leaves!

yay, leaves!


Household Goals

Ugh. We are struggling to get back into good routines. While I was dealing with crippling morning sickness, my husband was handling EVERYTHING, God bless him! He cooked, he cleaned, he grocery shopped, he took care of Bug. Now I am back to feeling human, but it’s so hard to find my stride again when it cones to household stuff. I’m trying, though. 

One thing I started to do was set a single goal each day. The idea is that if I do nothing else productive, I complete at least the one task that I decided on that day. It’s been a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Last night I made a list of all the household things I want to get done before the holidays (we are hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!), so if I do only one or two things a day it should be possible to have the house in great shape by then. 

Today I cleaned my bathtub stopper l, which had gotten pretty mildewy (gross!), and now I am hoping to get our front-loading washer cleaned. It came with our house, and I know it’s more energy efficient, but I really miss our top-loader! Any tip for cleaning a front-loader? Right now I am running a hot bleach wash with a couple of towels.

What routines, tips, or tricks have you discovered that help you keep on top of household stuff?

17 Weeks Pregnant


How far along? 17 Weeks! My, how the time is flying…

What’s happening with the baby? Baby’s bones are beginning to harden and the sweat glands are developing. Baby can move all his/her joints now and s/he is gaining more weight each week. Currently Baby weighs about 5 ounces.

Total weight gain/loss? I lost 9 pounds, but over the last few weeks I have gained a little bit back. I seem to be fluctuating up and down, though.

Symptoms? I get to feel baby wiggling now, which is weird and wonderful. Still having food aversion and low appetite, but trying to eat more often during the day. It helps keep my energy up. I have trouble catching my breath sometimes, which I apparently dealt with at the same time when I was pregnant with Bug.

Food cravings? Caramel! And Bread with butter and feta cheese.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Red meat. Also repetitive movements, such as a toddler bouncing on the couch beside me.

Sleep? Getting as much as I can, and resting a lot in the afternoons. I get winded pretty quickly these days.

Movement? Yes! It’s so delightful!

Labor Signs? N/A

Gender? We find out in 9 days! Can’t wait to know!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Miss anything? I miss having a normal appetite. I miss feeling (relatively) rested when I wake up in the morning.

Looking forward to?  We have a busy weekend with a chili cook-off and some other things going on!


How old? Almost 17 months!

Achievements this week/month? We have been writing down all of the words she learns, and we are up to 31! It is so amazing to watch her learn and grow!

Miss anything? I miss naps! We were attempting to transition to one nap and it wasn’t going well, so we went back to 2 naps, but that isn’t going great either. No idea what the right answer is!

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Remembering the baby I never got to hold in my arms.

Thinking of friends near and far who have lost pregnancies, lost babies, lost hopes. 

Mourning with friends who are mourning today.


Transitioning to one nap

Any advice on transitioning to one nap??? Anyone? Anyone at all?


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