... to the coast

“… one of the more northern, coastal states.”

We are moving! In an attempt to keep personal details to a minimum I will just tell you that my husband and I currently live in one of the hot, southern states and will be moving to one of the more northern coastal states. I am so excited! If nothing else, it’ll be four weeks of crazy distraction from the fact that my body is completely uncooperative.

My husband and I have come to a decision, though. Once we are settled in to our new home it will have been over a year since we first began trying to conceive. We will work on getting tested to see what– if anything– could be causing our difficulty. I am hoping that maybe it is something that can be fixed, like a blocked tube. I keep thinking about adoption, too. We have always talked about having two children and adopting at least one of them. I would be all over that, but it is just so expensive.

I would be more than open to any information you can share with me regarding the process for getting tested OR the process of starting the adoption process (specifically domestic infant adoption).