For my US readers, Happy Independence Day! My husband and I are officially moved in to our new house in a new state… VERY far away from where we used to live! It has been a cray few weeks, and even though we are still settling in I am feeling much less stressed out than I was. We went by a local orchard yesterday and bought the freshly picked strawberries in the picture above. Beautiful!

While traveling I had the opportunity to read Nia Vardalos’ book Instant Mom. I first heard of this book when Lee-Anne blogged about it over at You Can’t Choose When. I loved her review, and I felt like maybe this is a book I could stand to read. If you are struggling to conceive you may know what I mean when I say that most books just don’t help. They all give you the same advice over and over again: do this, don’t do this, relax… What I loved about Nia’s book is that she’s actually been there. She did everything you’re supposed to do, and it did NOT work out. You might think that would dash my hopes, but actually it made me feel better. There are OPTIONS. There are ALTERNATIVES. I am not yet giving up hope of conceiving, but I feel better knowing that if it comes down to it there are still happy endings out there. I definitely second Lee-Anne’s recommendation. Read it. I don’t think it will disappoint.

During this move I have put TTC on hold. It’s not like we have been preventing, we just haven’t, erm, had the time or energy to do much of anything. If you get my meaning. I also stopped charting and using OPKs, so I have NO IDEA where I am in my cycle or when my period is due. So until then I get to experience what it is like to be one of those people who just crosses their fingers, has sex, and hopes it all works out in the end. I don’t love it.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m planning to resume a normal blogging schedule going forward, so come back soon!