I’m having a bad day. A bad week, really. I priced out nearby infertility clinics (there aren’t many) for having a consultation done and paying for it out of pocket (not cheap). Today I called the least expensive option, which also happens to be the closest (actually in our town). First she told me they are not willing to do consultations without insurance, and then when I pressed the matter (we’re not talking surgery, folks– just a freakin’ consultation!) she told me that they aren’t taking new patients for a few weeks because one of the doctors died and they have to work with his patients first. The other clinics charge three times as much, and let me remind you: it’s JUST A CONSULTATION. No blood work, no semen analysis…

I started looking into the insurance plan that kicks in on September 1 and found out that it might not even cover maternity, much less infertility. And even if it does cover maternity it only covers it if you get pregnant at least 6 months into the plan coverage. 6 months! That’s February! Why does it feel like the whole world is working against me here?


Why do I feel like I have to beg just to get the same opportunity I SHOULD have for free just for having ovaries?

This sucks. This sucks so much.