I’m getting ready to ovulate. This is our last attempt at conceiving naturally. If we do not successfully conceive during this cycle we are going to be moving on to plan b, which for us is fertility testing and possibly an IUI.

If you are like me, babies are constantly on your radar. Today, for example, I found out on FaceBook that an old college friend of mine had a baby recently. I read several blogs which focus on fertility/infertility and trying to conceive. One of these blogs led me to a video, which I watched. And here’s where I started to spiral: I began searching on YouTube for infertility and adoption. There are actually videos out there of couples meeting their adopted sons and daughters for the first time. Which of course causes me to cry like a baby.

I can afford to do this, because my husband is out for the evening so he doesn’t have to see me crying and ask me what on earth is the matter. And by all means, if you need a good cry, take a look at these videos on YouTube. Or the pregnancy reveal videos. Those get to me, too. But for goodness sake don’t blame me if you can’t stop, or if your partner finds you drowning in a puddle of your own tears!