Days Past Ovulation, Courtesy of WikiPedia

[Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia]

It is 8 days past ovulation (DPO) and we have officially reached the an alizarin portion of my cycle. That is to say, I get to read into every little “symptom” and hope they indicate pregnancy.

Symptom: subtle cramping

Starting yesterday I have had these ovarian twinges and subtle cramps. These are not like period cramps. They make me worry that I have developed cysts again. Instead of focusing on that possibility, I prefer to hope they are due to implantation!

Symptom: Super-Stable BBT

My Basal Body Temperature (BBT) has been really stable for the last 4 days, with almost no variation. I think this is a good sign. Of course I would rather it climb higher and higher, but in February my BBT was similarly stable (though lower).

Symptom: Extremely Vivid Dreams

Don’t sneeze at it. Enough pregnant women have reported this to make it a real symptom! (I will have to do some research on that later). Anyway, I usually dream but not like last night. I awoke nearly sobbing because I dreamed in great detail that my father died. I finally fell asleep again only to dream that I went running with President and First Lady Obama. It’s hard to explain just how detailed and vivid both these dreams were, but it was very unusual for me.

So there ya go! Feel free to tell me about YOUR symptom-spotting adventures or help me analyze mine!