"Kick Me!"

Today I got a job. I start on Monday. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the trees are just beginning to change from green to yellow, and there was a cool breeze that reminded me of the end of summer and the beginning on Fall.

And [possibly TMI] but…

Today I awoke to a significant temp drop (just above my coverline), and this afternoon I checked my cervix and found blood in the cervical mucus. Looks like my period is about to start.

My husband just came home and we spent a few minutes just hugging and trying to be encouraging for each other. It’s hard. He’s sorry he hasn’t been able to give me a baby. And I am sorry my I haven’t been able to give him a baby. We are sad.

So now he’s in the office and I am in the living room. Both trying to work through the feelings brought on by a few drops of blood and the fear of the unknown.

At least it is Friday; nobody has to see our puffy eyes tomorrow.