Today my husband and I slept in super late and then went to town green for a lovely end of summer picnic. We had cinnamon rolls, cheese and crackers and salami, and my favorite cream soda to drink. It was a beautiful day and I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. We lounged and read and people-watched… It was perfect.

Afterwards we stopped by our storage facility to pick up my knitting supplies (’tis the season!) and then came home where we spent the next several hours doing an intensive end of summer cleaning. Now the house is fresh and clean, and I am free to spend the rest of the evening obsessing (and watching an old made-for-TV movie about Princess Diana).

So we have an appointment with a fertility clinic. It’s in two weeks, on Friday the 13th. I am choosing to believe this makes it extra lucky. It also happens to coincide with my next estimated ovulation date. I guess that means we have one more attempt before testing. I also received a packet of information from an adoption agency that has an office in my state. I am probably getting ahead of myself, but if and when the time comes that we decide to consider other options, I want to know what those options are!

Tomorrow we are going to visit a new church. Afterwards we may go berry-picking. Raspberries are my favorite and they are currently in season. YUM. Not sure what the plan is for Monday, but we both have the day off so we are looking forward to spending it together.

To my American readers, have a great Labor Day! To everyone else, have a lovely, restful weekend!