Well, Friday the 13th has come and gone, and we did go to our first appointment at the fertility clinic. It was a little overwhelming, and that is saying something considering how much research I have done of infertility and trying to conceive. I feel like I know more than your average person off the street about all this stuff. Still, it’s somehow different when it becomes about YOU. Know what I mean?

We go to the clinic about 20 minutes early, and had to deal with insurance stuff right away. Apparently the insurance company got my birth date wrong, so I had to jump through some extra hoops before they could see us. Finally, the nurse escorted me to an exam room while my husband had to wait in the lobby. They took my blood pressure, which was elevated for the first time ever! I explained that the insurance issue was probably to blame, so they re-took it a little while later and, sure enough, it was coming back down to normal. They asked me a bunch of questions about my cycle, reproductive history, health history, medications, allergies… you name it, they asked it. I was relieved when they asked me my weight instead of weighing me. I hate being weighed like that because it’s midway through the day and shoes and clothes always make the number worse than it is. I am slowly losing weight, thanks to Weight Watchers, but I was also relieved that my weight was never brought up as being an issue. This was maybe my biggest fear about going in!

Finally, they took me to a consultation room and brought my husband in to join me. He told me later that he though when they called his name that they were going to examine HIM, and he was not ready for that! The doctor came and and seemed very nice and very competent. She didn’t bat an eye when I told her I chart my cycle (some doctors seem to look on charting as the equivalent of palm-reading), and talked with us in depth about all the tests they need to do. That was the overwhelming part. There’s the CD3 labs, an HSG, quite a bit of blood work, as well as the test that checks what my ovarian reserve looks like. For my husband they want to do two different sperm analyses as well as basic blood-work.

Afterwards she took me back to the exam room and did an ultrasound. She said my right ovary looks very healthy, but that my left ovary has a lot of follicles. She said it is possible that I have PCOS, so she is ordering a test to check for my testosterone levels. She also said even if I DO have PCOS, it would not affect my ability to conceive, as I am ovulating every month and have relatively consistent cycles.

The next step for me is to find an OB-GYN and get my annual check-up. The clinic will verify what testing our insurance will cover, and then I am supposed to start scheduling everything else. Of course, my HOPE is that we are pregnant this cycle and won’t have to end up going through all of the testing. But if we are not, at least we are actively pursuing that next step. I am currently 7 dpo, and my temps have been AWESOME. Nice and high. I plan to test next Friday, 13 dpo…. if I can hold off that long!