Today the clinic called to talk to me about what insurance would cover and it was not very good news. I hung up and just sat there sobbing (I am so glad they caught me at home). It was not a good morning.

I had ordered a new batch of internet cheepies from Amazon and they were on the stoop when I got home. My husband had also just arrived home. I asked him if I should take a test, even though it is early (10 dpo). He said yes, so I went into the bathroom. I left the test on the counter and had him set a timer. When I went back in after the designated time-period I expected to squint and hold it up the light, and try very hard to imagine a line might be forming. Instead I found this! Two lines! As clear as can be! I am SHOCKED!


Do you see it??? I am so afraid I am going to wake up and this will have all been a dream!

I am truly IN AWE. I am also scared. The one thing making me feel a little bit more confident is that this line is significantly stronger at 10 dpo than my last BFP was at 13 and 14 dpo. I also feel a little guilty. I know that a lot of women have been struggling a lot longer than I have. So this is my current prayer:

I pray that this baby sticks. And I pray that it’s your turn next. ❤