For My Baby's Daddy

My dear husband told me that this would all be more real to him when he saw the word on a digital test. So this evening after dinner I took a digital test. Then I took out a special gift I had bought for him months and months and months ago: A tiny newborn onesie that says “I [heart] my daddy” and a fun pregnancy manual for new parents-to-be. I walked solemnly to him and handed him the gifts with the digital test on top. He definitely teared up, and I fell a little bit more in love with the man I married almost 4 years ago.

Then we whipped out the camera and took a bunch of photos– the test, the gifts, him holding the onesie, me holding the onesie, me holding the test… you name it, we took it! It was fun, and light hearted, and overwhelmingly special.

I won’t ever be completely at ease with this pregnancy until the baby is in my arms… but I am beginning to believe that it might really happen.