me with the onesie!

I am pregnant. I am pregnant. This is really happening! Today I am 4 weeks along, which is still really early, but so far things are looking great. So far I have been experiencing daily nausea, periods of lightheadedness, achey boobs, considerable exhaustion, and lots of thirst. I haven’t had to vomit yet, but today I came really close. I was browsing Pinterest and saw a Mexican casserole. I LOVE Mexican food, but when I saw this I had to close the window, take deep breaths, and try to get the image out of my head. I went as far as the bathroom door before the feeling subsided. Things like that make this all very real.

Is greasy hair a pregnancy symptom? I normally wash my hair every 3 days. I washed it Tuesday and by Thursday it was really greasy. I rode it out and washed it again on Friday. And today, again, it looks like it hasn’t been washed in days! This is NOT normal for me.

We made a sweet video with the song “Little One” by Lucy Schwartz and a bunch of pictures of positive tests, my husband and I with the onesie I have him, each of us reading parenting books, and our cat with a sign declaring her a soon-to-be big sister. I love it. And today we shared it with our parents and with my sisters. I loved hearing their reactions on the phone! And then we face-timed so we could see their faces and enjoy their smiles. It was wonderful. My little sister, who is the most reserved member of my family, kept gasping and saying, “are you pregnant?! I am so excited!” What a special way to share the news, when our families are so far away.

Aside from immediate family members we are not telling anyone else. Right now we are planning to make the official announcement on Thanksgiving, which will be really fun, I think. We really are immensely thankful.