I have decided to start doing weekly updates on my pregnancy. My hope is that I can get most of the details out in one weekly post instead of inundating you throughout the week. The rest of the time I can focus on other things. SO here goes!

Weeks: 5

Baby is the size of a sesame seed this week!

Baby is the size of a sesame seed this week!

Due Date: Based on my cycle, June 1. Based on the way doctors calculate, May 31. Maybe when I have an ultrasound they can give me a firmer idea!

Symptoms this week: Sore boobs. My nipples have started feeling swollen, and sometimes they get super hard for no good reason. I have been pretty nauseated off and on. I have consistently felt tired and out of breath/light-headed. Apparently that is because my blood-vessels are expanding! I may sleep 10 or 11 hours and still feel like I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I have been waking up with light headaches, which go away after I eat/drink. Oh, and I have been drinking tons more water than usual.

Excited about: We have a meet and greet with the Birth Center on Tuesday! I really hope it is a good fit, so we can move forward and not have to interview/tour any other places.

Nervous about: Some days I feel pretty good, and that makes me super nervous! I am always happy to feel nausea because it makes me feel like everything is progressing normally.

Baby Things: Last week I got a pregnancy organizer from amazon. It’s awesome! It tells me exactly what I should be taking care of, and includes helpful things like questions for interviewing the midwife and packing lists for the birth. This week we are going to start taking “bump” photos. Of course I don’t have a baby bump yet, but we have to start somewhere, right? I am also hoping to find a nice pregnancy journal so I can start recording all the little details/moments for my future son or daughter to read someday. We are holding off on buying anything like furniture or clothes or anything for now.