Weeks: 6

Baby is the size of a pea this week!

Baby is the size of a pea!

Due Date: Unless the ultrasound tells us differently we are going with June 1.

Symptoms this week: Sooooooo sick! Severe nausea pretty much any time I am awake. I have been very tired, and have to rest after doing something like washing the dishes or walking up the stairs. I had headaches on a couple of different occasions this week.

Cravings/ Aversions: I have been craving beans of all types: green beans, pinto beans, refried beans, bean burritos, bean soup… No specific food aversions this week.

Excited about: Our interview with the birth center was GREAT and we have scheduled our first appointment and sonogram for the 18th… in under two weeks! At almost 8 weeks we should be able to see a heartbeat if all is well. Fingers crossed!

Nervous about: This weekend we are spending the weekend in Cape Cod with my in-laws. I love them and look forward to getting away, but I am nervous about being sick the whole time! Better pack extra saltines…

Baby Things: Last week we took our first  “bump” photo! I also picked up a pregnancy journal called From Pea to Pumpkin and Everything in Between. I can’t wait to start filling it out! My mom is setting aside all my old baby things (clothes, quilts, some toys) for us to take with us after the holidays. Can’t wait to start building up a little collection of sweet baby things for Bambino!