Yesterday was my very first prenatal appointment at the birth center. We were very nervous about this appointment, and the days leading up to it did not help. I was up a lot of Wednesday night with cramps. I started freaking out thinking I was having an ectopic pregnancy. On Thursday morning I called in sick to work and then called the birth center to see what I should do. They asked if I had any bleeding (no) and then said that cramping is very normal and that I could take some tylenol if they were painful. Thankfully, the cramping eased up and I spent the day taking it very easy.

On Friday I slept in. My husband came home at lunchtime, and then I promptly ran to the bathroom t throw up for the second time in this entire pregnancy. There was nothing in my stomach so it was just a lot of stomach bile. Yuck. I took it easy for a while, and then we had to get in the car and go. Our appointment was at 2pm, and it is a little over an hour away.

Once there we had to fill a little bit of paperwork, and then they took me back. One thing that I like about my birth center is that they have the patients weigh themselves and test their own urine (using dip-strips) in the bathroom. It saves time, and I just tell the midwife my weight when I go in for my exam, and let her know if there was any abnormalities with my urine. Simple.

The first part of my appointment was basically a conversation. The midwife asked me all kinds of questions about my cycle, my symptoms, my family history, and how I am feeling about things. When she was done she did a basic physical examination and then wheeled in the ultrasound machine. My sweet husband was called in and then it was time…. and there it was! a tiny little bean! And then, even more important, a heartbeat! It was a rapid little flicker that made tears come into my eyes and made us both sigh with relief. There’s a baby in there! And, so far, everything looks great!