Baby is the size of a raspberry!

How far along are you? They adjusted my due date a little at my first ultrasound, so I am now 8 weeks.

What’s happening with the baby? Baby’s face continues to develop, and she is looking more and more human. She may even start to move around a little this week!

Total weight gain? I have lost about 8 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Not yet; since I have lost weight my regular clothes are still fitting just fine, although I am getting a little “baby bloat” that means I sometimes unbutton my jeans in the car or when I am sitting for a long period of time.

Sleep? On my days off I am getting about 12 hours at night. When I have to work I get 9-10. Sleep is basically uninterrupted, though I am feeling a stronger need to pee that sometimes gets me up in a hurry.

Best moment this week? We got to see our little one for the first time, and see her heart flickering so fast and strong!

Miss anything? I miss having the energy to do normal things, like cook a meal without having to take breaks just to sit down and rest.

Movement? Too early to feel anything.

Food cravings? Still no.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Certain foods do make the nausea worse. I can’t think about drinking milk or tea, or eating cottage cheese or fish or certain meats, without getting sick at my stomach.

Gender? I still think it is a girl. I forgot to ask which side baby was implanted on, though.

Symptoms? Definitely more emotional. I cry every time I read a blog! Either it moves me to happy tears, or sympathetic tears, or just life is not fair tears. Tender breasts, especially the nipples. Nauseated all the time. Digestive system goes back and forth between constipated and diarrhea (so sorry. I know that was TMI).

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Looking forward to? After 8.5 weeks the risk of miscarriage drops to 2%, according to the internets.