Baby is the size of a grape!

How far along are you? 9 weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Baby’s tail is now completely gone. Her teeth are developing, and her muscles, organs, and nerves are forming and growing quickly. She has eyelids and a much more distinctly human face. External sex organs have formed, though they are not yet visible in a scan.

Total weight gain? By 8+4 I had lost a total of 11 lbs. Now that I am on Zofran I am able to eat a little better and my weightloss seems to have tapered off.

Maternity clothes? Not yet; even my regular clothes are a little loose on my right now!

Sleep? Still sleeping very, very well.

Best moment this week? After struggling to keep anything down last week I was very relieved to get a prescription for Zofran!

Miss anything? Champagne, weirdly. It’s not like we had it very often, but now that I can’t I sure wish I could!

Movement? Too early to feel anything.

Food cravings? I had a huge craving for brie yesterday, so my husband hunted down some brie made with pasteurized cheese. SO. GOOD.

Anything make you queasy or sick? My job has severely exasperated my morning sickness. I work as a home health aid for a dementia patient, and it has really been getting to me… especially preparing her meals.

Gender? I still think it is a girl.

Symptoms? Been crying a lot lately! I read a book last night and in one chapter the man’s cat has to be put to sleep, and shortly thereafter his mother dies. And I was just sobbing! I had to get on youtube and watch videos of babies having their first bath to get me past it!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On. My rings always get a little loose in the winter, so maybe I won’t have to take them off at all!

Looking forward to? Our next appointment is at 12 weeks. I can’t wait to see baby again and to hopefully learn that she has been developing right on track. I also look forward to actually looking pregnant.