ImageYesterday was one of those rare days that are really bad in spite of the Zofran. I tried to eat but NOTHING sounded (or tasted) good; I was crampy thanks to my slowed digestion and eating beef the prior day (I have never digested beef very well); all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch TV, which in turn gave me a headache and made me really grumpy. Not a good day.

Today started out better. I slept very well last night and woke up around 10am. Today is my first day not working! I took a leisurely shower and got together a muffin and coffee for breakfast. Then I called CVS to get my Zofran refilled and things went downhill, quickly. The automated system informed me that it was too soon to get the prescription refilled. How can this be? The prescription was only 20 pills that I could take up to 3 times a day as needed. I have only taken one a day and I only have one pill left! I called the pharmacy and spoke to a pharmacy technician who informed me that my insurance will not let me get it refilled until Friday. They are only willing to “let me have” so many pills over a period of time.

I won’t get started on my feelings and opinions about insurance or, for that matter, the US medical industry. Suffice it to say they are strongly negative. The “normal” me, the me that is not ruled by hormones or morning sickness, would feel righteous anger over the whole thing. Maybe vent about it to a family member or two, but then move on. The pregnant me, the me who has been struggling against nausea and vomiting, who has not gained a single pound this entire pregnancy, and whose body is coursing with an unfamiliar and volatile cocktail of hormones… that me broke down. Oh my goodness. Sobbing and rocking and making sounds like a hurt seal. I will only have to go a couple of days without pills, but, oh Lord!, that feels like an insurmountable problem. I’m embarrassed by how emotional I got, but then I realize it’s not me… it’s the baby. The baby makes me cry when watching youtube videos or certain commercials on TV. The baby makes me weepy when my husband says something innocent that I take completely the wrong way. I just never expected to feel quite so out of control of my emotions! I was sitting there shaking and gasping for air through my tears and intellectually I knew it was ridiculous! Unfortunately the intellectual me has taken a backseat to the baby. I’m in for a wild ride.