Today my husband and I got in the car at 10am. We drove through Dunkin’ Donuts for muffins and a decaf latte, then we started on the road to the town where our birth center is, just over an hour away. My appointment was at 11:20. When I arrived I went to the bathroom to weigh myself and test my urine. Everything was normal. Then I met with the midwife. She did the basic exam: asked me how thing are going, answering questions, making sure I am feeling alright. Then she brought out a doppler to try to find June Bug’s heartbeat.

“It can take a while to find the heartbeat,” she explained as the placed the wand on my belly. And then there it was! Immediately the little whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the heartbeat filled my ears. At my request she brought my husband into the room so he could hear it, too. Pure bliss! What a marvelous sound! My husband even recorded some of it on his iPhone so we can hear that joyful sound whenever we want. We had an hour before we had to be at the OB-GYN office for the NT Scan, so she suggested a diner for lunch.

The diner was amazing. Clean as can be, very friendly service, and amazing, fresh food. I had a salad and a cup of delicious Manhattan Clam Chowder. That chowder was EXACTLY what I needed. I drank some coffee and tried to drink some water. Then we headed out to the next appointment. The OB-GYN that the midwives work with was staffed with some very nice people. One of them invited us back to do the scan. First of all, the jelly that they use? What a MESS! I thought internal ultrasounds are messy (and they are), but this was not much better. As she started the scan we saw the most amazing thing: our child! She (I use the term for either gender at this point) was sitting upright in my belly, kicking her sweet legs and waving her arms around. The tech explained that she was in the worst possible position for this exam. They really need the baby lying on its back so they can measure the nuchal translucency. She prodded and jostled and even had me cough to try to get June Bug to turn, and nearly succeeded. But in the end she was just having none of it!

Since we had driven so far to get to this appointment, the tech suggested I take a break and drink some water. Filling the bladder encourages the baby to change position. So I went to the waiting room and drank 4 cups of water as fast as I could without making myself sick. Then we went back in, and this time June Bug was willing to lie down and make things a little easier on us! The funniest thing happened as she was taking measurements. June Bug was lying on her back and decided that she couldn’t be TOO easy on us. She flipped herself completely upside down so she was still on her side, but facing downwards. What a stubborn and funny little personality she has! The  numbers were perfectly normal, though, and she is growing exactly as she should be. She is 5.75 cm right now.

Now for the best part… some photos! Sorry they’re so small…