What’s happening with the baby? Baby now has her own uniquely identifying fingerprints. She is forming vocal cords this week and her intestines have moved out of the umbilical cord and into her abdomen. She can now use her facial muscles to make faces and to suck her thumb. Baby is about 3.5 inches long now!

Total weight gain? After spending nearly a week in Tennessee with my husband’s family I have been eating much, much better. I have gained a pound and hope to gain a couple of more in the next week or two.

Maternity clothes? The transition is in process! I picked up a pair of maternity jeans from the Goodwill over Thanksgiving weekend and depending on how my “bump” is day-to-day, they sometimes fit, depending mostly on how bloated I am. My regular jeans do NOT fit, though, and after traveling with a belly band I can safely say I prefer to hang out in my pajama bottoms or yoga pants!

Sleep? I get tired out when I have to be up and doing a lot of just being unusually social (i.e. holiday gatherings), so I am more likely to take a break to just lie down for a bit. Otherwise, my energy is returning and I am no longer going to bed super early. The last few nights I have not been sleeping well. Hoping this doesn’t last too long.

Best moment this week? Seeing family for the first time since we announced our pregnancy! I felt like I was being initiated into the club of motherhood. For the first time the cousins and I actually had something to talk about. Also, on Black Friday we scored a great deal on the stroller we have been wanting. It arrived yesterday!

Miss anything? I LOVE Christmas, and I have always been the one leading the decorating and baking and other Christmas activities. I miss having the energy/motivation to do that! We got our tree up, but have yet to decorate it (2 days later)!

Movement? Nothing yet, and even though it is early I sometimes lie very still and close my eyes and try very hard to sense her movements inside of me.

Food cravings? Not really.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Meat and eggs. I only ate a couple of bites of turkey and ham at Thanksgiving, and could not eat a deviled egg even though usually I love them.

Gender? One of the cousins on my Mother-in-law’s side of the family is also pregnant, about 5.5 weeks further along than I. She also has a 4 year-old little girl. Apparently this little girl has been asked 5 times what the gender was of various unborn babies and has predicted the correct gender every time. I don’t believe in psychic gifts or anything, but it is fun to imagine, so I was pretty pleased when she said I am going to have a baby girl. We will see!

Symptoms? Our first night in Tennessee my husband found me sobbing because I missed our cat. So, still pretty emotional! My nipples have darkened over the past week, and my breasts have been having some shooting pains and just general soreness. I definitely have a belly now, though it is most noticeable to me and my husband. Can’t wait to officially “pop” and look pregnant and not just chubby.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Looking forward to? Going home for Christmas in a few weeks! My mom and sisters are planning a baby shower for us while we are there! It is going to be early (at the end of my 17th week), but it is the only opportunity to have one with friends and family since it is the only time we will be able to travel home before the baby arrives.

Now for a plea: Ever since we conceived I have had terrible skin on my face. I constantly have red bumps on my cheeks. I have been using a pregnancy-safe cleanser twice a day and forgoing makeup almost entirely. Now that the holidays are approaching I am feeling more and more self-concious about my face. Does anyone have any suggestions??