My husband and I first “met” online. Yep, we are one of those couples. I joined a free dating website when I moved to a new city. I was nearly a year our of the only serious relationship I had ever been in, and feeling lonely and ready to meet someone new. My husband had been going to graduate school and one of his friends convinced him to join the same site after the friend’s success with it.

When I came across his profile I was astounded. This guy was handsome, could cook, was a fit rock-climber, and his religious background was much the same as my own. I could hardly contain my interest as I wrote a message to him. And then I had to wait. But I didn’t have to wait too long! The next day I received a reply. So began our correspondence. This then turned into chatting via AIM (remember AIM? Does anyone use this anymore?). Finally he asked me out for “coffee and pie” at a local coffee shop.

The day of the date I went shopping for a new sweater to wear. I finally settled on a royal blue sweater that was perfectly complimented by my red coat. I think I also wore a scarf. Finally it was time to meet him. This was the most stressful part of the whole thing. We had seen pictures online, of course, but pictures can be misleading! Would I recognize him? Would he recognize me? Would he look as nice in person as he did in those pictures? What if he didn’t think I was pretty? What if we found we really had nothing to talk about?

As I walked across the parking lot and up the steps of the porch I saw him. He was wearing a black coat and had a warm scarf wrapped around his neck. He was holding his (brand new) iPhone. When he saw me he dropped it. He picked it up and shook my hand. Later I would learn that he is as careful with his iPhone as if it was his firstborn child. He tells me that he was so caught off guard by my beauty that he dropped it, and wanted so much to impress me that he acted casual about picking it up, even though inside he was squealing in fear that it had broken.

Anyway, we went inside and ordered drinks– hot tea for him, a latte for me. And then we found a table with a view of the lake, and sat talking. We talked for hours. We talked until they started to close up. Then he walked me out to my car, and before we said goodnight he asked me on a second date. I said yes, thrilled to see him again and relieved not to worry about whether or not he was going to call.

That was 5 years ago on December 5. It wasn’t love at first site, but it was close. He confessed his love to me only a couple of months later, and by June we were engaged. Every year on this day I think back to that first date and thank my lucky stars that he came along when he did.

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my rings