sweet potato image courtesy of The Bump (the bump.com)

sweet potato image courtesy of The Bump (the bump.com)

Baby is the Size of a Sweet Potato!

What’s happening with the baby? Baby is moving a TON and these movements are helping to develop her muscles.

Total weight gain? In the last two weeks I have gained a little more than a pound. My midwives said I do not need to kill myself to gain weight, which is such a relief!

Maternity clothes? I am wearing maternity clothes exclusively now. I can still fit into my “regular” tops, but none of them are long enough to cover my whole bump!

Sleep? I had a rough week sleeping in the guest bed at my parents’ house, but my sleep has improved significantly since we got home a couple of days ago. Sleeping mostly on my sides at night, and even when I sleep on my back I find that I tilt my body slightly to one side or the other.

Best moment this week? My husband felt the baby kick! During our last night visiting family baby was being very active. We were watching Mary Poppins and when the Chimney Sweep song came one the baby started dancing, too. I was telling my husband about this later and he put his hand where baby had been kicking and suddenly his eyes got wide as he felt a “flick” from inside me!

Miss anything? I have been missing alcohol, but mainly because of the time of year that it is. I wish I could sip some champagne tonight, but I guess sparkling cider will have to suffice!

Movement? Baby has been moving a LOT, but mostly I can’t feel it from the outside yet. Still, it is amazing to feel the movement and know that it is our baby doing that!

Food cravings? I am definitely starting to crave more well-rounded meals. My body seems to know what it needs, so I am trying to just follow my cravings and let my body take care of June Bug’s needs.

Anything make you queasy or sick? If I wait too long to eat I will get queasy and stop feeling hungry. Once I eat a little something it goes away and I am able to eat normally again.

Gender? We find out in just 15 days! We had a talk over the holiday and decided that we WILL find out the gender AND tell people, but we are going to keep the baby’s name to ourselves until the birth.

Symptoms? Aching lower back (especially after hours on a plane), feeling baby’s movements. I had one thing happen that scared me: upon our flight’s arrival back home I went to the bathroom only to find that my underwear was wet! I called the midwives yesterday and after asking several questions and ascertaining that it had only happened once and was not a consistent thing they said it was most likely just a little leaking urine or discharge.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Looking forward to?  New Year’s Day! We will officially be in the calendar year of the birth of our child! Also, our 4th wedding anniversary is on the 2nd (yay!), which also happens to be just 5 months from our due date.