Hello friends, and Happy New Year!

It’s been a crazy year for our little family, full of big decisions and life-altering moments. Here are some photos that best describe our family’s ups and downs in 2013

my rings

Celebrating Three Years!

We celebrate our third wedding anniversary on January 2nd! Before we headed out to dinner I took a pregnancy test, hoping that we might have one more thing to celebrate… it was negative.

fading pregnancy tests

Fading Hopes

In February we get a beautiful second line on a pregnancy test! Within 48 hours it has faded to nothing and my period has begun. We finally got our miracle and it ended in a chemical pregnancy. I was devastated.

Moving day!

Moving day!

After a whirl-wind job interview followed by a GREAT job offer for my husband, we packed everything up and moved half a continent away!

This blog was born!

This blog was born!

As we approached the one year anniversary of trying to conceive, I started this blog as a way to express the many complicated emotions I was feeling. I found myself surrounded by a community of lovely women in various stages of trying to conceive, fertility struggles, and even early pregnancy. What a blessing!

Fertility Consultation [Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia]

Fertility Consultation [Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia]

When our new insurance finally kicked in, we made our way to a prestigious fertility clinic in the area. We were quickly overwhelmed by all the tests they would need to do and all of the information there was to take in. This was on a Friday morning.


Big Surprise!

The following Monday– literally three days after our fertility consultation– I received my new stash of internet cheapies (pregnancy tests) in the mail. I took one, even though it was still pretty darn early in my cycle, and SURPRISE! We were pregnant again! This time the line was much darker and continued to darken over the coming days.

Meet June Bug

Meet June Bug 🙂

A fe weeks later we saw our little one for the first time. All was well, and we got the feeling that this time was going to be different…

18 weeks in!

18 week bump shot, December 26th

… And so far it has been! 22 weeks left until our due date, and all is well with our little one. We have come a long way, and are looking forward to every new thing to come. We can’t wait for 2o14, which is sure to be our year of adventure!

From my little family to yours, Happy New Year!

My prayer is that you find peace and joy in the coming year, and that those of you still waiting will find your own miracle in 2014.