Baby is the Size of a Mango!

What’s happening with the baby? Baby has developed a protective coat of vernix caseosa over her skin. This week her nerve cells are rapidly developing.

Total weight gain? My weight hasn’t really changed in the last week. I was looking through my pregnancy organizer and I noticed that the first time I recorded my weight (at 3 weeks pregnant, right after we found out!) it was just 0.2 lbs less than my current weight. My current weight is still 5 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am hopeful that I will be able to keep my weight gain right around the recommended 15 lbs (this is recommended for people who are overweight, which I am).

Maternity clothes? Still exclusively into maternity clothes whenever I leave the house. Today I am wearing pajama bottoms and a regular tank top, and my belly is big enough that it peeks out from under the shirt! Kinda weird.

Sleep? I have been waking up with headaches everyday, thanks to my inability to find a sleeping position that doesn’t bother my neck. Luckily the headaches dissipate almost as soon as I get up and going. I might need to invest in a neck/back massager!

Best moment this week? See “Movement” below!

Miss anything? I miss waking up feeling refreshed and not headachy!

Movement?  I can really feel baby moving around a LOT now. Last night I was lying in bed with my hand on my belly and I could feel baby kicking me. This is such a cool feeling, but also really weird like there is an alien inside me or something! Then today baby was kicking hard again, so I pulled up my shirt and I was able to SEE the baby kicking!

Food cravings? Still craving well-rounded meals. At the moment I am craving broccoli and about to enjoy a nice big helping with my lunch.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nothing this week.

Gender? A week from TODAY we should be able to find out! That is, assuming June Bug cooperates!

Symptoms? Aching lower back, aching neck from sleeping badly, feeling baby’s movements. Also my belly button is a little shallower, the line nigra a bit more pronounced, and when I measured my belly it has popped out another inch!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Looking forward to?  Finding out June Bug’s gender next week!

While we were home for the holidays we were very honored to be thrown our first (and quite possibly only) baby shower! Our nursery “theme” is going to be all about storybooks and storybook characters. My mom and sisters hosted, and they did such an impressive job that I just had to share the results with you all!

So, without further ado, our Storybook Baby Shower!


Upon arrival, guests found a display of baby pictures along with a guest book. The baby pictures were all of me and my husband, except for the two sonogram photos of our little June Bug. The book is a very old Golden book that was the inspiration for the invitations and decorations. My sister added a couple of pages to the beginning for people to write a note to us. Such a sweet keepsake!


Cupcakes from my favorite cupcakery (yes, that’s a thing), chocolates that look like cupcakes, and mock champagne punch complete with floating rubber duckies! YUM! After we played a couple of games and opened gifts we had a barbecue dinner and then we got to dive in to these sweet goodies.


These Disney blocks were given to me at my first birthday, which my family spent in Disney World. To be clear, it was a coincidence that my birthday happened during this trip. It was certainly not planned for me! These blocks will be part of our nursery decor for sure.


Storybooks on every surface! My sister started collecting them months ago for June Bug! The pretty bunting was made from the pages of old storybooks that she found that were incomplete or falling apart.We brought these home with us and plan to string them up in the nursery, too!


On top of each delicious cupcake my sister put a tiny storybook cover! We kept these, too, and I plan to use them in our baby scrapbook someday.


Me and my Daddy waiting for the guests to arrive.


Me and my love!


Everyone who came to the shower (and some who could not make it) gave us a book with a message in it for June Bug, instead of cards. What a blessed little baby we have! And would you believe that we did not get a single duplicate copy of a book?


My younger sister went above and beyond with a collection of adorable onesies! This is one of several that praise June Bug’s wonderful Aunt.


She also got us onesies for our nerdy sides! There was a Zelda one, a Lord of the Rings one, a Star Trek one, and the one you see above: a Harry Potter one! So much cuteness! Also, isn’t my husband’s face hilarious here?!

Since this was just days after Christmas most of our friends were not able to make it to the shower, and it ended up being a small, intimate gathering. That said, we were truly blessed by those who did make it. Everyone there made us feel loved and we were so glad to have the opportunity to celebrate the coming of our new little family member!