Tomorrow I will have officially reached 20 weeks– the halfway point! This puts me in an interesting position. I wanna start stocking up on baby things, but our current house is temporary (we hope to be moving to a new place in March or April), which means we can’t be spending a lot if money right now.

This is where Goodwill comes in. We spent $17 and came out with a BUNDLE of adorable baby clothes. Many of these clothes look brand new and have brand names like Carter’s, Gerber, and even Ralph Lauren. We felt like we were on a treasure hunt! We bought as many things as we wanted and didn’t have to worry at all about the cost! One of the sleepers we got retails at $25 and we got it for $1. Do my message is simple. Are you pregnant? Do you have a new baby? Go to Goodwill– you will not regret it!


This is not a sponsored post. I just really wanted to share our great discovery with you and help you save some money!