Baby is the Weight of a Large Mango and about the Length of a Green Onion

What’s happening with the baby? Baby’s lungs continue to mature and she is practicing the motion of breathing now. Her hearing continues to improve, and it may be possible to feel her reacting to loud noises.

Total weight gain? I’m officially weighing in at the most I have ever weighed. Gah. I know it was bound to happen, but good grief. I think in total I have gained about 10 lbs.

Sleep? Sleeping pretty well this week!

Best moment this week? On Saturday we spent the day in NYC. We had some really good tickets (orchestra!) to see The Phantom of the Opera! It was OUTSTANDING. We normally wouldn’t be able to afford those tickets, but it was Broadway week and tickets were 2-for-1. June Bug seemed to enjoy the show, too, if her kicks were any indication.

Miss anything? I miss just feeling normal. No aches, no pains, no weird pulling sensations when I roll over, no trouble sleeping on my stomach, no big belly making it hard to bend over!

Movement?  Week 22 was pretty quiet for June Bug, but I think it may have been because of a growth spurt. She has been quite active for the past few days. She still likes to dance on my bladder sometimes, and I think she is experimenting with different positions because I now feel flutters all over the place, and kicks in new places.

Food cravings? Sweet things. Cheesecake, brownies, cake, cookies… it’s awful. This week I am going to start being better: more veggies, fewer sugary things.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Nothing this week.

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? As much as we enjoyed the city, walking took its toll on me. The joint between my thighs and hips started hurting out go the blue (on both sides) and just got worse and worse. I could barely walk up the two steps to the front door when we got home. Then yesterday my ribs starting hurting on the right side. So much fun.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On.

Looking forward to?  Just three weeks left until we are done with the second trimester!