Photo courtesy of The Bump

How far along? 26 weeks + 3 days

What’s happening with the baby? Baby’s lungs continue to mature. She weighs around 2 lbs now, and measures around 14 inches long! Her eyes are beginning to open, and the eyes are beginning to gain pigmentation. Baby is growing rapidly and will soon have less room to move around freely in the uterus.

Total weight gain? My total weight gain is somewhere around 15 lbs at this point. I put on quite a lot in the last month, so I am watching my eating to make sure that I am gaining healthy weight and not excess weight.

Sleep? Sleep has improved somewhat recently. I am using a wedge pillow every night under my back or belly. The extra support helps keep me from rolling onto my back and having unnecessary pain. I am also using breathe-right strips to keep my nasal passages open so that I don’t struggle to breathe well at night. Those things are amazing!

Best moment this week? Last weekend my in-laws were in town. My mother-in-law and I went to GoodWill and bought a bunch more baby clothing. June Bug now has all the clothes she needs for the first 6 months of life, plus a lot set aside for 6-12 months! My mother-in-law also bought me some maternity tops, which was greatly needed and appreciated. Also, this week we got some good news regarding our rental situation! I will explain at the end of this post.

Miss anything? The usual. I am trying really hard to just enjoy this phase of my pregnancy, in spite of various pains and discomforts. It’s hard to believe it’ll be over in just a matter of weeks!

Movement?  June Bug seems to have run out of room in the bottom of my uterus, where she has been camped out for the for the entire pregnancy. She has moved up to just below my belly button and is lying sideways most of the time, I think. She loves to kick and roll and stretch… especially at night when I am trying to fall asleep!

Food cravings? Peanut butter and jelly, mixed up and eaten with a spoon… Fish sticks… donuts (especially cinnamon sugar donuts, which I have had a hard time finding in this part of the country!)

Anything make you queasy or sick? Not lately, thank goodness!

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? Movement, back aches, sore ribs, and difficulty doing everyday tasks. 

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Still on, but I have a feeling they’ll have to come off when the weather starts to warm up. They are getting tighter!

Looking forward to?  The third trimester! SPRING!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately! Last week was spent cleaning the house to get ready for my in-laws, and then resting from things like cleaning the bathtub (of my GOODNESS, that was ridiculous). After my in-laws left I needed a couple of days to recover from being so constantly active. On Monday we got some good news from our landlord. See, our current lease ends just a month after June Bug’s due date. We have been trying to work out how to go about asking to get out of our lease early. On Monday we got an e-mail from them completely out of the blue. They have decided to turn our little house into an accessible home for their mother. As a result they have let us know that they will honor our current lease, but we are also welcome to move out early if we are able to find a new place before then. WOW! What an answered prayer! So this week I have begun the house/apartment search. I have also begun washing all of the baby clothes/blankets/diapers, since we don’t pay utilities in our current place. And packing. We are hoping to find a place soon that will let us move in around the end of March or the first of April. That would give us two full months to unpack, settle in and, of course, set up the nursery!

I am going to try really hard to check in here regularly, but with everything to do I can’t make any promises. I will ask for any advice you may have regarding moving while pregnant!