I just wrote three birth plans and I feel like I deserve a prize! I wrote one birth plan for my preferred birth: all natural birth center birth. That one was easy. It’s basically my ideal birth.

I wrote one plan in case I transition to the hospital due to tiredness. That one was harder to write. I hate to imagine transitioning for that reason, and it’s hard to imagine what needs to be taken into consideration under those particular circumstances.

The final plan is in case of an emergency transition (c-section). That was hard, but easier than the second plan. Nobody wants an emergency scenario, but somehow it is easier to accept that “tiredness”.

Each plan is a single page (except emergency one is two pages because it includes recovery) and organized into sections with clearly stated bullet points. I’m pretty proud of this! There is also a separate page pertaining to post-birth procedures for baby.

I know some hospitals and practitioners cringe when they hear “birth plan”, but I tried to leave plenty of room for the unknown. For example, my plan is to avoid all medications, but should it become necessary I just ask to know the side effects and to be given time to discuss with my husband and make a decision. I still need to add a small section in there about induction, but otherwise I’m done and feel better educated about my wishes regarding birth.