Well, Friday was the dreaded glucose test. It was less than awesome. I got fruit punch flavored glucola (it was the only flavor available), but it was cold so it wasn’t too bad. It was like drinking a melted popsicle or a really strong Hawaiian Punch. Yuck. My husband was with me and we had both brought things to do. I was reading on my Kindle, he was browsing the internet on his phone. At first I felt fine. A half hour passed and I felt… a tiny bit “off”. Another 15 minutes passed and suddenly I was not okay. I was light-headed, dizzy, hot, sweaty… my husband got the phlebotomist who ran and got a nurse. They had me lie back on this reclining chair thingy and sip water while they applied cool, wet cloths to my neck and forehead. Then the phlebotomist decided it would be best to take my blood a little early rather than risk me vomiting up the glucola and having to redo the whole thing. Slowly I started to feel better. After she took my blood I ate a granola bar and that helped, too. I don’t get my results until sometime next week, but I think it is safe to say that I hope to God I passed this test so I don’t have to do it again!

After we left the clinic we went to Panera Bread to get me some sustenance. Then we decided to check out Burlington Coat Factory’s Baby Center. They have a HUGE Baby Center and often have good sales. I get so giddy whenever I’m surrounded by baby things! I can’t believe I am just a couple of months out from meeting our little June Bug! We decided to focus on cribs, since that is one of the big-ticket items we still hadn’t purchased. We are not huge fans of the new style of crib. You know the kind I mean: Three side are all the same and one of the long sides (the back) is taller and shaped like the headboard of a bed. Luckily they had a sleigh-style crib on the floor, on sale for $129 and available in the cherry finish that we love! So now we have a crib, and when we move at the end of the month we will actually have a nursery to set it up in!

On Saturday we got our TDaP vaccines. This time I had my husband spring it on me so that I wouldn’t have time to get anxious. Unfortunately, my arm has been really sore since then. Yuck.

Now I think it is time for my 29 week update!

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Baby is around 15 inches long and weighs between 2.5 and 3 lbs. Baby’s eyes are open, and she is now able to react to light. She is continuing to put on weight and look more and more like she will at birth. Her brain is now responsible for maintaining her body temperature and controlling her breathing.

Total weight gain? Okay. Total weight gain, based on whatever number I told the midwives at my first appointment, is 26 lbs. That seems like a lot. Still, it is within the range of “normal” for the point in my pregnancy, and the midwives are not concerned. 

Sleep? Still using a wedge pillow every night under my back or belly. I am only getting up a couple of times a night lately, which is great. Sometimes once I am awake I am aware of June Bug’s movements and that makes it hard to get back to sleep. 

Best moment this week? After we had loaded the crib into the car and were on our way, my husband said, “I just can’t wait to move in to our new place so we can get started on the nursery!” It made me really happy to know that he is as excited as I am! He also told me earlier in the week that he has just been feeling overwhelmed with “puppy love” for me. So sweet! I don’t always feel very lovable these days, so when he says something like that it makes my heart flip.

Miss anything? I miss the days when I didn’t have to spring to the bathroom!

Movement?  June Bug is quite the wiggler! She has been moving all over a lot more. The other night she had hiccups and it was the first time I felt that she was head-down. Since then I have been feeling lots of kicks and wiggles at the top of my uterus, and sometimes she will make a rapid kind of leaping motion than makes me jump!

Food cravings? Still craving Peanutbutter. Chocolate chip cookies. Pasta with Rao’s pasta sauce (SO GOOD). Strawberries and raspberries.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Lately I have been having a resurgence of morning-sickness-like feelings, mostly right after I eat. I am supposed to try vitamin B6 with meals to see if that helps. Fingers crossed that it does.

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? Movement, back aches, sore ribs. My belly feels bruised in some places, which is apparently normal as things continue to stretch and pull apart. I struggle to tie my shoes and to bend over or reach things on the floor.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Still on, but getting tighter!

Looking forward to?  Moving into our new place so we can start work on the nursery!

29 weeks