How far along? 30 weeks! We are officially counting down on two hands 🙂

What’s happening with the baby? Baby is around 17 inches long and weighs between around 3 lbs. She is continuing to gain weight (around 1/2 lbs a week). She has a pretty regular sleep schedule now, too.

Total weight gain? Ugh. I am up 3 lbs from my last appointment (2 weeks ago). Some of this is water retention, I think. The rest, well… I guess I will see what the midwives have to say. It’s weird, because my appetite is actually less than it has been in weeks!

Sleep? Sleeping okay right now. I am getting restless legs pretty bad starting around 4am and last until I get out of bed… less than fun.

Best moment this week? This past week we went browsing for a glider. We ended up at Buy Buy Baby where I sat in THE MOST COMFORTABLE recliner/glider. We decided we are going to order one, as soon as we get another 20% off coupon. I can’t wait!

Miss anything? I miss being able to do “normal” stuff– bend over, lift heavy things, put my shoes on without straining myself.

Movement? June Bug is still moving a lot. She had hiccups this morning, and is apparently head-up right now with her hands and feet on my left side. She spends 99% of her time on my left!

Food cravings? The usual: Peanutbutter, Chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, milk…

Anything make you queasy or sick? I have been taking B6 with meals and eating smaller meals first thing in the morning. This seems to be helping my nausea after eating. My appetite is smaller and sometimes I get a random wave of nausea, but haven’t been getting sick (thank goodness!).

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? Movement, back aches, sore ribs. I have some little bruises popping up on the underside of my belly, which I am thinking MAY be the start of some stretch marks.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Off more days than on. It depends on the weather. On warmer days I have been wearing  them on a chain around my neck.

Looking forward to? This is a big week for us! Wednesday is the final session of our natural birth class (which has been great). I also have an appointment on Wednesday with the midwives– I am so glad to be officially on the twice a week schedule! On Thursday we do the final walk-through with our new landlord and get the keys to our new place. We plan to start moving stuff over that night, and on Friday my husband is taking a day off work so we can move a lot more over. We want to stay the night there on Friday night with our cat, so we can get her settled. Then on Saturday the movers converge and bring all of our furniture over AND everything from our storage unit. I can’t wait to get this move underway!