Well, unpacking is underway and we even started on the baby’s room! We have the crib and bookshelf assembled and the curtains hung. We bought a dresser second-hand that needs a little work, and the goal is to finish it this weekend. Such fun!

32 weeks and 2 days today. As of yesterday it sometimes hurts when June Bug moves. I was not expecting that! Her movements also take up a lot more room and I can watch my whole belly wiggle and roll. Not sure about my weight this week– lost a little weight since last week, so hopefully that means the midwife was right about weight gain happening in spurts.

We have had the plumber out on a nearly daily basis due to leaking bathtubs! And last night I discovered that the patching he did on the first tub has not helped. Back to the drawing board. At least we should have all the issues worked out before June Bug arrives.

Have I mentioned that she already has a name? We have known her name for a long time, since before we knew she was a she. But it’s a secret, even from the anonymity of the internet… You can’t be too careful!