Just a quick update! I had promised a post about our unconventional baby shower, and I have yet to deliver. My excuses: my sisters came to visit last week! I spent the days leading up to their arrival cleaning and organizing like a mad woman (or a nesting mama-to-be), and then once they arrived every moment was spent going places and doing things. Towards the end of their visit my more husband came down with some kind of cough/infection, which I am sorry to say I have picked up from him.

As I recover from guests and from this cough, I am going to take it easy and not stress about things I should be posting on my blog. That said, here are some posts you can expect in the next couple of weeks:

– Our Unconventional Baby Shower

– Week 35 Update

– Our Completed Nursery (!!)

In other news, next week both bathrooms are getting new tubs/showers (yay!), our glider/recliner arrived today (yay!), and today I ordered some nursing bras to try out (we’ll see how that goes).

Now I am going to go lie down and watch a movie while I cough.