How far along? 37 weeks! Well, sorta. Turns out the birth center never updated my due date after the initial ultrasound, so they have me due on June 6th. I decided not to make an issue of it, because that gives me an additional 4 days to go into labor naturally, should June Bug decide to take her sweet time! The only down side is that according to them I won’t be at 37 weeks until Friday, and if I go into labor before then I would have to give birth at the hospital instead of the birth center.

What’s happening with the baby? Baby likely weighs just over 6 lbs now. Were I to go into labor this week (well, see above) she would be considered “early term”, and likely would not need a stay in the NICU! Her major organs should be done forming, including the ever-important lungs.

Total weight gain? I have not weighed myself yet this week and probably won’t until my next appointment on Thursday. I’m so over this whole weight thing!

Sleep? Still having a lot of hip and pelvic pain during the night. I have started to struggle to go back to sleep, and often lie awake for a while, especially once the sun has started to rise.

Best moment this week? My brother-in-law got married in Boston on Saturday! We were so thrilled to be able to be at the wedding (my husband was his best man). It was fun to dress up and do my hair and make-up– it’s been a while! We took the opportunity to get a couple of photos of the two of us as a couple. I hope they turn out okay! At the wedding my mother-in-law, brother-in-law (soon-to-be doctor), and an ER doctor who was in attendance all convinced my husband that it would be okay for me to have a glass of wine. Oh yes. I had a glass of champagne and enjoyed every drop!

Also, in preparation for being several hours away from home, we finished packing the birth center bag. We made sure to have everything we would need for the birth in the car (birth center bag, car seat, diaper bag, cooler with snacks and drinks, towels in case my water breaks). It feels good to have that out of the way!

Miss anything? I miss my “old body”. I never thought I would be someone who would say that, but good grief, even my feet are swollen and uncomfortable these days. Nothing feels like ME anymore!

Movement? June Bug is definitely running out of room in there, so her movements are not as sharp. I often feel her rolling from side to side, or feel her hand fluttering down low. She also like to wiggle her feet/toes a lot, and so far I don’t mind since she has not discovered my rib cage!

Food cravings? This incredible burnt caramel ice-cream that I discovered at the rehearsal dinner. I ate on leftover ice-cream all weekend, I’m afraid to say, and now that it’s gone I sure wish it wasn’t!

Anything make you queasy or sick? Going too long without eating.

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? Darkening stretch marks, increased pelvic pain/pressure, swollen feet (ugh, the worst!), and increased discharge. I’ve been reassured by the midwives that this is all “normal”, but normal sucks!

Labor Signs? I’m not sure. I seem to be having an increase in contractions the last couple of days, but they are still irregular so they are probably just Braxton Hicks Contractions. That said, last night I was aware of them off and on and they felt crampier than usual, so maybe they are being productive. Who knows!

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Off. I wear them on a chain around my neck all the time now.

Looking forward to? Friday! Friday is my 29th birthday, as well as the earliest day we are allowed to give birth in the birth center! For my birthday weekend I am getting a prenatal massage, homemade pizza on Friday, a visit to the aquarium on Saturday, and a nice dinner out on Saturday. I am looking forward to being pampered a little before baby arrives!