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So, as I mentioned some time ago, my in-laws’ church threw us a baby shower! So sweet and generous of them to do… especially given that we live about 1000 miles away in another state, and were unable to actually attend!

But what could we do? Being the high-tech family that we are, we arranged to “attend” the shower via FaceTime. The day before we finished up the nursery (at least the visible parts of it). We also bought a slice of cake to share. If everyone else was getting cake, I was gonna have cake, too! Here are the photos of the event:


This is a terrible photo, but that is my husband and I FaceTiming in to watch them open gifts!




Here is that delicious-looking cake that I did not get a slice of… isn’t it sweet, though?

I love that everybody calls her June Bug!

So many gifts! This is truly a reflection of how loved and respected my in-laws are in their community.


This one is special… a home-made quilt for June Bug, made by her great-grandmother! So precious!


All in all, it was a great shower, even though it was a little awkward at times. It was hard to hear what they were saying sometimes, and it was hard to see some of the gifts. We will see them this week, though, when my in-laws drive up for my brother-in-law’s wedding!