NOTE: There are aspects of the following post which some may consider to be TMI/gross to read about. You MAY want to skip this one!

I think June Bug has dropped/engaged. The frustrating thing is that we have gotten really bad about taking belly pics, so I have nothing really to compare it to! Here’s what I have noticed, though:

– Increase in pelvic pressure in general (not limited to the pelvic pain/pressure I feel at night)

– Suddenly most of my maternity shirts want to show off a little bit of belly right at the bottom

– Breathing easier

– Not feeling full so quickly! I am able to eat normal sized meals again without feeling like I bloated whale afterwards!

– Increased need to use the bathroom

– Heartburn is gone! I didn’t even realize that until today. I have been taking an antacid before bed each night because of the burning acid, and I haven’t taken one since Saturday night!

– When I sit upright my belly is in my lap. Most of the time I end up sitting with my legs apart and my belly kind of in between, supported on either side.

I have also noticed that my, er, bowel movements (don’t you hate that term!?) are quite loose, and I have been dealing with that multiple times a day for the past few days. I spoke with my doula today (did I ever mention that we hired a doula? She’s awesome.) and she said to mention this to the midwives at my appointment tomorrow. Apparently this can be a sign of impending labor, though it could also just be how my body is dealing with baby dropping.

NOTE: TMI should be done at this point!

This is blurry, but it is the most recent pic I have. This was taken on Saturday, before my brother-in-law’s wedding! Also before baby dropped. I can’t get over how hugely pregnant I look! Also, please note that this was at a rental in Boston. NOT my furniture.

This is the weirdest part of pregnancy, I think. The waiting. The wondering. Will I go into labor soon? Will it be hours? Days? Weeks? (Oh, Lord, please NOT weeks!)

Today I interviewed a pediatrician. I’m interviewing another one tomorrow. There are really only two pediatrician practices that are convenient, so hopefully by this time tomorrow I will know who our baby’s doctor will be! I was very pleased with the result of my interview today, and I am less excited about the one tomorrow, just going off of first impressions. Trying to keep an open mind, though!

Final thought for today is for those of you who are pregnant or hoping to be soon. My husband and I have been building up a supply of frozen meals over the last 6-8 weeks, and I wanted to encourage you to do this! Basically, anytime there is a meal that we think will freeze well to be eaten later, we double the recipe. Some recipes we know make a lot more than we can eat, so we don’t double them, but freeze the leftovers. Last night, for example, we made beef enchiladas. I made a small pan (6) for dinner, and then two more pans of 6 each to be frozen. We like to use the foil casserole/cake pans that you can buy pretty cheap. Some meals we freeze before cooking, and others we cook and then freeze. It depends on the nature of the food. We cover the top with foil, then put the whole pan into a freezer bag which we previously labeled with the descript
on, date, and any notes for re-heating. Doubling the recipe only adds a few minutes to the prep time, and when dinner is ready we also have 1-2 more meals to freeze and eat later!

You probably already know all of this, and are wondering why I am telling you. When I pictured myself freezing meals for post-baby, I always imagined I would go on one huge grocery run and spend two days cooking and end up with 30 meals. Some people do this and it works great for them. As for me, it turns out I don’t have the motivation (or energy) to do that! By doubling up meals we are already cooking I am not adding any real time or effort, and it also spreads out the cost quite a bit. I wanted to mention this to you, in case you find yourself feeling inadequate to the task. You CAN do it if you adjust your plan and your expectations!

Okay, I am sure that is more than enough for today. Tomorrow is my 37 week appointment, complete with strep-b test. I’ll update if there is anything new to share. My birthday is on Friday, so unless something interesting happens between now and Monday, I will be elsewhere doing birthday things! In which case, I’ll be back on Monday to give you my 38 (!) week update and possibly finally publish the post on our nursery.