Midwife confirmed that June Bug is engaged. She is “really deep” according to the midwife, which explains all of the delightful pelvic pressure I have been enjoying this week.

She also informed me that I have gained more weight than I should have and reminded me that it doesn’t come off just because baby arrives. Wow. SO HELPFUL. At 37+ weeks, I am so glad she felt the need to comment on my weight while I can still do something about it. YES, that IS sarcasm. Thank you for noticing. I know I have gained more weight than I should, but being told that at this point (and the day before my birthday!) just made me feel bad.

So, of course, I cried. I couldn’t help it. These days when I feel bad I cry, and then I cry more because I can’t stop crying, and I keep crying because I am embarrassed about my inability to stop crying. I got it together enough to finish the appointment, but then as soon as she left the room I started up again, and kept going ’til we were halfway home. Honestly, it’s crazy and I KNOW it is crazy. I just can’t control it.

So now I am emotionally exhausted and planning to spend the evening crashed out on the couch. Hope you all have a good evening!