Well, this has been a weird day. When I woke up with a pain near my belly button, I did not have a clue what the day would bring. If anything, I thought maybe this was the start of labor for me. We ended up spending most of the day at the hospital. They had me put on one of those delightful gowns that doesn’t close in the back. Then they hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff– the kind that takes your blood pressure every 15 minutes or so– and a fetal monitor. The non-stress test (fetal monitor) showed that baby is active and healthy, and that I am not having any real contractions yet. The blood pressure cuff showed that my blood pressure was high. It has been normal throughout this entire pregnancy, but today it got pretty high up there. After a while they took some blood and I left them a urine sample. At this point I was STARVING. All I had eaten up to this point was a muffin, and they would not let me eat until they knew more about what was going on.

Around 3:00 the midwife came in to let me know that everything was looking good. My blood was great, my blood pressure was coming back down, and they decided that the pain I felt in my belly was just the baby putting pressure in one spot for too long. She brought me a sandwich and some fruit to eat while we waited for the results from my urine test, and I was told that assuming it came back fine we would be on our way home.

Yay! Perhaps we could still salvage this birthday!

We were wrong. The urine test came back “abnormal”. This, coupled with my blood pressure, puts me right over the threshold for preeclampsia. 😦

That is not a fun word. It is not a fun result, at all.

They sent us home with these two big jugs. Starting first thing in the morning I have to collect my urine in the jugs for them. I am also on bed rest this weekend. On Sunday my husband will drop the urine jugs off at the hospital to be analyzed, and on Monday I will go in to have my blood pressure checked again. Everything depends on these two things.

If my blood pressure remains stable and my urine doesn’t show any increase in protein, then I will continue to be monitored at twice-a-week appointments until I go into labor. In this scenario I still have a shot at my natural birth-center birth.

But. If anything changes, ANYTHING at all (increased blood pressure, headaches, increased protein output in urine, vision changes, etc), I am looking at an induction birth in the hospital. Could be as early as Monday.

So that’s where things stand and, as I am sure you can posit, I am so disappointed. Still, it may be a good thing. Perhaps it’s a really good thing that June Bug caused pain in my belly. Perhaps catching this as early as we did means a better outcome for me and for baby. Perhaps it will even mean the difference between an emergency induction and a natural birth. I am choosing to see it that way.