When I last posted I left you with the news that I had been told that I had preeclampsia. At this point I was put on modified bed-rest for the remainder of the weekend and had to do a 24 hour urine collection (not fun).

Yesterday morning my husband took my sample (aka giant jug of urine) to the hospital to be analyzed. I spent the day in bed watching movies and napping. In the evening I started to get a headache. This was bad news. I had been given a list of symptoms to watch out for and to call if any of these presented. A headache was on the list. At 7 I called to let the midwife on-call know, and by 9 we were back at the hospital for observation. We had also been told to be prepared for a likely induction at this point. We were nervous, but also looking forward to finally meeting out baby girl face to face!

After being monitored for some time the results came back:

  • blood panel – normal
  • blood pressure – normal
  • urine dip – clean
  • non-stress test – great
  • 24 hour urine test results – perfect


The midwife on-call came in and talked to us and basically said that it looked like the high blood pressures and protein in my urine on Friday were a fluke, and that I do not have preeclampsia after all. She said they wanted to see me twice a week from here on out, just to be sure that pre-e doesn’t develop, but assuming everything continues like it is I am still on track for a birth center birth.


We went through all of that to be told I am perfectly fine? Don’t get me wrong: it is good news. GREAT news. But we went through this whole roller coaster of emotions this weekend. We went from me being healthy to having a potentially severe complication to back to healthy. From natural birth to induction (with increased c-section risk) to likely-natural birth. It’s a LOT to process.

This afternoon we went in for a follow up. My blood pressure is still normal, baby is still active, and my urine is still clean. We asked the midwife what this means going forward. She said she is comfortable saying that I am NOT preeclamptic, and that we can continue forward as such. Meaning, only going in for appointments once a week (whew), and planning on a birth center birth. She told us what to watch out for, symptom-wise, but assuming nothing changes we can expect to continue as though the last five days never happened.

So now we are right back where we were a week ago.

In other news, I have been having BH contractions all day long. This evening we attended the 1.5 hour home-care class offered by our birth center, and I could not sit still. My lower back was aching, my belly was contracting, and I couldn’t get comfortable on the plastic chair. We drove the hour home, and every bump and turn made me cringe. While we were making the bed I felt what *could* be real contractions. At least they felt like what I always imagined contractions would feel like. It was a sharp cramping that started around my side and traveled to the front of my belly. I had a few of these, and then hopped in a hot shower, which seemed to make them go away. It makes me wonder if I could be getting close to labor. I sure hope so. I would love to have this baby sooner rather than later!