How far along? 38 weeks

What’s happening with the baby? Baby likely weighs close to 7 lbs now. She may also be as long as she is going to get before birth. She continues to gain fat in her little body to get her ready for life on the outside.

Total weight gain? I lost close to 3 lbs between Thursday and Monday.

Sleep? Lots of hip and pelvic pain during the night, sometimes made better by sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Best moment this week? I suppose the best moment was finding out that I DO NOT have preeclampsia, after all!

Miss anything? I miss it all. I am so DONE with being pregnant.

Movement? Baby girl continues to shift around in utero, and sometimes seems to get antsy and push out really hard with a foot.

Food cravings? Beef! I usually eat very little beef, but I have eaten it several times recently and it was GOOOOOD.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Not lately.

Gender? Girl!

Symptoms? More stretch marks, increased pelvic pain/pressure, and increased discharge (leukorrhea). 

Labor Signs? My BH contractions have gotten more regular at times, and now come with a low, sometimes intense, cramping. Being active (walking, dancing, moving around a lot) seems to intensify these contractions. Last night they were coming regularly enough that I called my doula to get her input. She suggested I get some sleep in case this was real labor. The contractions continued most of the night, but petered off this morning. I find this whole thing very confusing. I assume that at SOME point it will become clear that I am in labor. Preferably with enough time to drive the 1-1.5 hours to the birth center.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? Off. I wear them on a chain around my neck all the time now.

Looking forward to? Getting this baby OUT.