Bug is two weeks old today. It seems simultaneously much longer and much shorter. How can I have been a mama for two weeks already?? And how has it ONLY been two weeks?

I’m tired but, honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. My husband has been helping with feedings, especially at night, so I am actually getting sleep… enough hours, though not consecutively. On Monday his paternity leave ends and I start doing the night feedings on my own. He is going to take the 6am feeding, though, to give me some extra sleep. He’s a great husband and daddy. At her two week checkup, Bug weighed almost 6 lbs (yay!) and we were given the go ahead to let her set her night feeding schedule. Hopefully that will mean an occasional longer stretch of sleep between feelings.

[NOTE: So I typed this up on my phone while rocking a sleeping baby… and just now I realized that not only did the pictures each post twice, but every time I typed “feedings” it auto-corrected to “feelings”! While I AM tired and sometimes emotional, I don’t schedule feelings, nor do I need my husband to help process them most of the time…]

This week we had some firsts:
– first family trip to Main Street for ice-cream and a walk on the town green.
– first time she got so over-stimulated that she threw up and them cried inconsolably for a while.
– first shopping trip to Target.
– first real bath!
– first diaper rash. 😟
– first days alone with Bug since her birth! All the family has gone home and we are officially without “adult supervision” (as my husband calls it).

Today we officially transition over to cloth diapers. We’ve been using disposable until her umbilical stump fell off (it did so almost a week ago) and until her belly button healed enough. Today is the day! I foresee a lot of laundry in my future…