I awoke on Thursday early. I was absolutely freezing– the kind of deep, shivering cold that just won’t go away. I finally could not take it any longer and decided to take a hot shower. As I passed the thermostat that read 79F, I knew I must be sick. It felt much colder to me. It turns out I have mastitis. That day was awful. It was like having the flu PLUS a painful breast PLUS being a mom with a baby to care for. So thankful that my husband was able to stay home and take care of Bug and me.

I’m feeling a lot better today– the medicine works quickly (thank the Lord). On Friday Bug was five weeks! Crazy! We celebrated by meeting Daddy on the town green for a park bench lunch and a stroll. It was a gorgeous day and so nice to be out in it.


I have decided to avoid listing out Bug’s “accomplishments” on this blog. Not because I am not proud of her– I am!– but because I really want to avoid falling into the trap of comparing my child with others. Instead I’ll try to keep this blog purely anecdotal, which is more interesting anyway, right?

This hasn’t been the easiest week for us. I think our little one is going through, or about to go through, a growth spurt. Normally she sleeps very well but this week she has been fussy at sleep times. She will be sound asleep in my arms but wake upon being lain down. We nurse on demand, and sometimes I feel like all I do in a day is sit there and nurse her. Friday night she was awake until almost midnight (her normal bedtime is 10pm). Hopefully this phase will end soon!

Bug seems newly aware of the world and alert. She has a dinosaur stuffed animal that she likes to touch/hold (though he’s as big as she is) during diaper changes. She sometimes helps hold her bottle up, and maneuver the wubbanub into her mouth. She will watch my husband and me move around the room with wide eyes. Speaking of eyes, hers are lightening! They were a dark, glassy grey when she was born but have lightened into blue, almost turquoise. So far. Apparently they can continue to change for up to a year (sometimes longer!). I would love for her to have hazel/green eyes like her daddy. We’ll see.

On Saturday we went to the mall to run errands. I wanted to get a specific baby carrier, a sun hat for Bug, and see about getting some new non-maternity clothes to fit my post-baby-pre-weightloss body. The baby carrier was not in stock, the sun hat selection was slim, and the only piece of clothing I found was a maxi skirt. Not our most successful shopping trip! Even the place where we had planned to eat lunch has shut down! That said, Bug continues to be a dream when we go out (knock on wood), and everybody kept commenting on how cute and tiny and beautiful she is.

There’s so much I want to say, but it’s taken me three nights and a morning of breastfeeding to tap this out on my phone so I think I will stop here for now. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!