I am doing the challenges from RookieMoms.com, created to, “answer the question of what to do with a new baby (and what to do with your SELF)…” You can find all of the challenges I attempt by clicking on the category, “Rookie Mom Challenges”.

This week, challenge #1: Push your stroller out the door and pretend you’re in Europe!

I have been wanting to do this first challenge for quite some time, but things kept getting in the way…. rain, car trouble, mastitis…This past Thursday I woke up feeling pretty good; it was partly cloudy out, with no rain in the forecast, and both Bug and I were well-rested and feeling brave. After her mid-morning feeding I changed her, loaded up the car, and off we went.

We live in a string of shoreline towns that all kind of run together. We drove one town over and parked on the town green. It took me a little while to get it together, because the stroller had jammed and I really had to fight it to get it open. I finally did and we walked to a nearby cafe. This little cafe/coffee shop has a decent patio, do after placing my order I staked put a little table for one, and parked the stroller beside me.

Of course right about the time my food arrived, Bug decided to wake up hungry! I am not quite brave enough to breastfeed in public yet, but I had thought ahead and brought a bottle of expressed milk. While I fed her I people-watched. These two older women had two big, very well-behaved dogs. This in contrast to a girl who was there with her little, yappy, untrained dogs. I am amazed they didn’t bother Bug more (they sure bothered me!), but she just happily drank her milk and then dozed in the stroller.

A very nice gentlemen offered me a napkin because I had forgotten to get one, and clearly I needed one! The two women with the big dogs complimented Bug, and then while I was throwing my trash away two more women cooed over how sweet she looks sleeping in her stroller.

When I finished my coffee I was feeling so good about things that I decided to take my daughter on a stroll around the green. I think it is safe to say that my first challenge was a triumph!


(Above) Bug enjoying her lunch. The sun came out so she got to try out her new sun hat!

(Below) A great big yawn! This was right before she decided she was ready to eat.IMG_7129

(Below) Asleep on mama’s shoulder. Isn’t she so cute in that hat?IMG_7132