I am doing the challenges from RookieMoms.com, created to, “answer the question of what to do with a new baby (and what to do with your SELF)…” You can find all of the challenges I attempt by clicking on the category, “Rookie Mom Challenges”.

This week, challenge #3: Join or Start a New Mom’s Group

This is the big one, folks. Ever since we moved here I have been lonely for new friends. We had just begun “getting out there” and trying to meet people (thanks to meetup.com) when I got pregnant. For those of you who are new to my blog, I did not enjoy being pregnant. I was so sick in the beginning, and so uncomfortable later on… it really put a damper on getting out and attempting to be social and meet new people! Now that I am a mama I have been looking forward to the opportunity to meet new people, with my daughter as a buffer!

So anyway, the week I got mastitis I had been browsing the internet looking for opportunities to get out of the house. I came across the Rookie Moms website (yay!) and I also came across a breastfeeding and new moms support group. I was unable to go that week because of the mastitis, and the following week was the Fourth of July. Last Friday, though, I made up my mind.

The group starts at 10am, so I set my alarm for 8am. Bug woke up at 7:45, so I nursed her for almost an hour (oh, how these babies can EAT!), and then quickly jumped in the shower. My goal was to be out of the house by 9am, giving me a half hour to get there (it’s in the next town over) and a half hour of buffer-room in case of traffic or something. I aways prefer to be early over late! I had to deal with a loose strap on the car-seat, so I ended up getting out of the house closer to 9:15. Luckily traffic was fine and I didn’t get lost, so I got to the place just a little while before the group was to start.

There were already a couple of moms there with their babies, so I settled on the couch and we introduced ourselves. By the time the group got started there were– I think– 7 moms, plus the group organizer. It was so great! It was so nice to be around other women who are at the same place in life as I, and to talk to people whose babies are the same age (within weeks or months) as Bug. Everyone seemed really nice, and quite keen on exchanging contact information and really becoming an active group. The funny this is that this group didn’t exist until a few weeks ago because there weren’t any new moms…. and then all of the sudden there was enough interest, and here we are!

I am very much looking forward to going back tomorrow!