Thought I would do something new and give you our Top Nine things in honor of Nine Weeks… Here goes!

1. MILK! I realized this week that the pendulum has swung and I am now feeding Bug almost exclusively breast milk! We’ve come a really long way.

2. AQUARIUM! on Saturday we decided to make a day of it and drive about an hour away to visit the aquarium there. SO fun! I wore Bug in the baby ktan most if the time and she did really well.


3. SMILE! While she’s been smiling for a little while now, this past week she’s started to smile in response to outside stimuli… Namely, seeing her daddy or me!


4. SLEEP! In addition to sleeping for a five or six hour stretch at night, Bug is now on a pretty good sleep schedule that begins at 8pm and ends around 8:30am. Everybody is a LOT happier.

5. GROW BABY GROW! After more than doubling her weight, it’s not surprising that she’s almost exclusively in 3 month clothes now… It’s exciting, but a little sad, too. No more tiny newborn clothes for us!

6. FIVE POUNDS! On a personal note, I’m down five pounds since I started weight watchers! Yay!

7. GROCERY WIN! Yesterday I braved the grocery store with Bug all by myself. It was a success!

8. SO STRONG! I’ve been increasing her tummy time, and now Bug can keep her head up much better and even look around a little! I can’t wait until she can crawl…!


Finally, our baby swing motor was dying. My husband called the company and they shipped us a brand new (better model) swing at no cost to us!