“Oh no! Mommy, catch me!”

Hey guys, I thought it was time for an update! Bug is 10 weeks and 3 days today. We decided to take this week’s photo with one of my favorite childhood books, Madeline. We have so much fun doing our weekly photo shoots, and every week Bug gets easier to pose and more animated. IMG_2286

She has been growing so fast! Yesterday I sorted through her clothes and pulled out all of the things that no longer fit. She is officially out of 0-3 stuff and exclusively wearing 3 months and a few 3-6 months. We are exclusively cloth-dipaering now (in the beginning we were using disposables, and then we transitioned to using them only at night). She wears all-in-ones (mostly Bum Genius) at night, and pre-folds with Thirsties covers at night. I have been really pleased with the pre-folds. Since transitioning completely out of disposables she no longer gets diaper rash, which is such a relief!


Yesterday was our first time to take her to church. Isn’t she adorable? Someone who goes to church with my in-laws made this sweet dress for her– a perfect outfit for her first church service! In addition to being her first service, it was our first time back at church in months. We moved here a year ago and did a lot of visiting around trying to find a church home, but then I got so sick in my pregnancy we stopped. We tried a few times, but it was just too hard on me. On the up-side, having a precious baby means we got a lot of attention. People kept introducing themselves and asking about her, and wanting to know more about us. Bug was a little fussy, and I ended up standing in the back holding her for the entire service, and the fell asleep right at the end. It was good, though, and I look forward to going back again next week.

The big news in our house this weekend is that I am finally ready (or as ready as I will ever be) to transition Bug out of our bedroom and into the nursery. When we brought her home from the hospital my husband set up our bedroom with the pack-n-play and the glider. Over the weeks more stuff has made its way in to accommodate her… diapers, clothes, sound machine, etc. I am not sleeping well, and I am ready to no longer have to whisper or get changed for bed by night-light!

The first step of the transition is to get her used to the nursery. So last night we moved the glider and side-table back into the nursery, as well as all the diapers and stuff. The only thing still in our room is the pack-n-play. Starting last night we are going to do all the usual nightly routine (nursing, changing, rocking to sleep) stuff in her room. In a few days or maybe a week I am going to start trying to get her to take at least one nap a day in her crib. And then, hopefully, by 3 months she’ll be sleeping in there at night. Fingers crossed! Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that we haven’t thought of?