11. Sleeps through the night almost every single night!

10. Went out-of-state for the first time to visit Aunt C!

9. Keeps trying SO HARD to sit up when she’s reclining. It’ll be a while, but I love watching her try!

8. Can now hold her head and chest up off the ground during tummy time. So exciting! She still doesn’t love to do it, but she’s go the strength and that’s what matters.

7. Has figured out how to get her hands in her mouth on purpose. She loves to suck on her hand/arm, and is working so hard to hold things in her mouth to chew on them.

6. We have had many more occasions to breastfeed in public, and overall it has gone very well. I may have to write up a post about my adventures in public breastfeeding as a large-breasted lady.

5. We have tentatively decided to move her into the nursery on the second week in September. She will be 4 months then, at which point the risk of SIDS decreases. I am both dreading this transition and really looking forward to it.

4. Naps have been improving significantly! By which I mean she has actually been taking two distinctive naps during the day, and usually a catnap or two in addition to those. (A catnap is usually 10-20 minutes long, whereas a real nap is 1-2 hours)

3. She is suddenly FASCINATED by EVERYTHING. She fixates on something and can just stare and stare for the longest time. Unfortunately, this means she is also more likely to get overstimulated than before… while we were at a restaurant on Saturday for dinner, my husband and I had to take turns eating, while the other held/fed/bounced Bug. He ended up taking her outside where it was quieter while I finished eating, and then I took her back outside while he paid. Bug has also started grabbing at things on the table… So the days of easy dining may be well behind us.

2. Most days she gets a good workout in using her floor gym (or whatever you call those things). I can leave her there kicking and playing with the toys while I move around the room getting things done.

1. I think she has just started a new cognitive growth spurt. The timing is right according to the “wonder weeks” schedule. Today she wanted to be held all the time. She would nurse for 10 minutes, then fall asleep for a while (up to maybe half an hour) and then wake up wanting to nurse again. She was super fussy any time I put her down, but seemed very content to snuggle with mommy all day. In its own way it is exhausting, and I get nothing done! I hope this doesn’t last long… Still, no matter how tired I get I get to spend my days with this sweet, perfect child. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Morning snuggles with my baby girl!