Vacation ruined me.

Let me explain. Before we left I had achieved a record weight-loss for myself, putting me at just about 25 lbs to go until my pre-pregnancy weight. I had been blogging with some regularity. I had established a daily routine for Bug and myself, and was sticking to it (for the most part). My house was clean.

While I was away I gained back some of the weight I had lost (about 3 lbs), and I have been struggling to stay motivated to eat well and stick to my weight watchers tracking plan. I have, obviously, not been blogging at all. Bug’s and my routine has flown out the window and I am struggling to get it back. My house is not clean.

To be honest, that last one is probably responsible for the rest. Her sleep was ALL OVER THE PLACE while we were gone, and now she is showing signs of a growth spurt (increased eating), a wonder week (irritability, clinginess, new accomplishments), AND possibly the 4 month sleep regression (struggling to get to sleep at night, waking frequently, hardly ever napping). Mama is TIRED. The moments when she is napping for a bit or sleeping at night or being cared for by her Daddy have become precious again. Instead of doing the things I probably SHOULD do, like sweep the floors or wash the diapers, I have been trying desperately to take care of myself. As a former social worker I know that self-care is SO important. Still, I hope things get a little less hectic soon so I can bring order back to my life.

Since we have been gone Bug has learned to roll over! She can only roll from her back to her front, and only to the right, but I am SO proud of her! I had been expecting it at any moment and had even recorded her a few times when I thought she might do it while my husband was at work. It finally happened last Saturday. My husband was in the kitchen baking when Bug rolled onto her side. “Get in here! I think she’s about to roll over!” He came in and sure enough she i-i-i-i-nched over until she was almost onto her belly. At this point we both got down at her level and cheered her on, and when she completed that roll I cried. It was just the coolest thing. She did that. She figured that out on her own and made it happen. I can hardly believe that just a year ago (literally, a year ago on the 16th) we got that first positive pregnancy test and found out that she existed. Moments like this make the rest of it all worth it. The late nights and the baby-tantrums, the inconsolable tears, the poop-splosion diapers, the achey breasts… maybe even the pain of labor and childbirth.

In other news, I have friends! I have been continuing to go to this Friday morning breastfeeding support group, and from that we created a Facebook group. Just this week I had coffee and a walk around the green with one mama, lunch with 3 mamas after the group today, and a nice walk around the green with another mama. It makes such a big difference for me to have people to talk to and to do things with. We are planning to do a pumpkin patch event with all of our families next month, and I am hopeful that maybe my husband and I will become “couple friends” with some of them. We need that, too, I think.

I am sure there is more I could say, but I think this is enough for one day. Happy Fall!