Hello! Anybody there?


It’s me! I’m back! It’s been over 7 MONTHS. When I said ‘goodbye’ back in October, I really wasn’t sure whether I would be back at all. Life happens, things get busy, and I needed to work out how to manage it all. So I guess I should start with a recap on life these past 7+ months!


Bug’s first Halloween! I found the cutest dragon costume at Carter’s outlet over the summer, and thankfully it fit perfectly! In over 4 years of marriage we have never lived anywhere that got trick-or-treaters. Every year we have treats ready, and every year we are disappointed.


At 6 months we began introducing solid foods. We started out with jarred purees and Bug loved everything we gave her. The timing was perfect and she was able to eat with us at her very first Thanksgiving! My parents rented a house on the Cape and we had a lovely, cozy, CALM Thanksgiving holiday!


We spent Christmas with my husband’s family. His grandfather ended up in hospital after having a second heart attack, so a lot of the trip was spent driving to and from the hospital. It was not quite the picture-perfect first Christmas I had pictured in my mind, but it was a good reminder to make every moment count! His grandfather made a good recovery, by the way!


Happy New Year! This month my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! We also began two big projects: decluttering our house to get rid of unnecessary stuff, and searching for a house to buy. Weren’t we surprised when we fell in love with the first house we saw! We took our time and looked at a bunch of other houses, but kept coming back to that first house. So we bought it!



Signed a ton of paperwork and we are now home-owners! We literally moved in the next day. So exciting to have a place to put down roots! We worked reeeeally hard to get everything unpacked and put away in just a few weeks; then We had all of our friends over for an open-house, and invited our new neighbors over as well.


BIG month in our house! We celebrated my first mother’s day, my 30th birthday, and Bug’s first birthday in quick succession. Which brings us up to the present!

More to come soon!