You may or may not have noticed that I have made a few minor changes to my menus. That’s because we have decided to start trying for another baby! As Bug’s first birthday was drawing closer, my husband and I began to discuss the future of our family. We know that we want another child. We also know that there are several aspects of my life that are “on hold” until after I am done having children. As such, we agreed to start trying in June. 

So far I am chatting my cycle and taking maca (in capsule form) every day. My postpartum cycles have been fairly regular at around 32 days, with a couple of longer cycles mixed in. We plan to skip trying in August to avoid another May birthday (May is just really hectic for us), so depending on whether my cycles cooperate we’ll have either one or two tries before then. 

I confess, I am quite nervous that it will take us a long time to conceive again. Or that it won’t happen at all. But I try to stay hopeful! Maybe it’ll happen right away.