Bug and her Grammy

When I last updated, I announced our decision to start trying to conceive another baby. A big decision, especially because we moved up our start date by two months! I began taking all of my supplements again religiously (prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, and magnesium) and added in some gelatinized maca root to help regulate my cycle. Then at the end of June we packed up and flew across country to attend my sister’s wedding and spend a week visiting friends and family in Texas. It as a beautiful wedding, but also one of THE MOST STRESSFUL travel experiences of my life!

When we attempted to board our first flight we were informed that we had been bumped off the flight. They ended up getting us on it after all, but our luggage had been rerouted to our destination via some different flights. When we made it to the next airport my husband called up the airline to complain about the situation and they said they would reimburse the flights. Instead, they canceled the final leg of our trip! He ended up on the phone with them for 45 minutes trying to get us rebooked. thankfully he got it resolved and we were able to make it to our final destination. BUT. Our bag did not make it. Ugh. It took a few days, and a LOT of phone calls, but we did finally get our bag.

So all this is going on AND my OPKs are getting darker and darker. We managed to have sex on the crucial days, and I did in fact verify ovulation (via charting). So now I am 4dpo and officially in my first 2 week wait in almost 2 years! Crazy! The nice thing about having Bug is that she takes up plenty of my time and attention, so hopefully the next 10 days are going to fly by.